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We return two discs with our image to disc service. One is a slide show disc that will play on a DVD player and on computers. The other disc contains all of the scanned images as jpeg files which can be edited, printed, uploaded to social media and cloud storage.

IMPORTANT:  If slides are to be transferred in numbered order, each slide must be individually numbered. It is not enough that they are in numbered trays or carousels.

Minimum Charge  -  £25.00

Slides to DVD  -  £0.85p each

Photos, Negatives and Kodak Disc Film to DVD  -  £0.85p each

Background Music  -  £10.00

Personal Titles (up to 15 words)  -  £5.00

Additional Copies  -  £6.00 per disc

If you require the images on a USB stick add  £10.00  to your order.

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