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Each Second of Video contains 25 individual still images. We are able to select individual images and print them as photographs on Gloss paper in a variety of sizes. With videotape rewind the tape to the beginning, then reset the counter clock to  00:00:00  before you start. Play your video to the required point, mke note of the counter reading and give brief description of the picture needed. With DVD the time code will automatically start when the machine evters play mode. To get the best quality we suggest that we are provided with the original material which in most cases will be a camcorder tape.

Note:  The print quality will not be as sharp as a regular photograph especially if the recording was made in long play.

Minimum Charge  -  £20.00

Prints of Photos 6"x4" or 7x5"  -  £1.50 each

Prints of Photos 8"x6" or 10"x8"  -  £3.00 each

Additional Copies of 6x4 or 7x5  - 80p each

Additional Copies of 8x6 or 10x8  - £2.00 each

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