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At AFX Audio Visual Services Ltd, we make it easy to preserve your treasured memories for decades to come


And dealing with us is simplicity itself. Take a look at just a selection of the questions we’re asked, and if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for,call us on 0871 200 4222. Drop us an email or visit us at our addresses on our contact us page. We’ll be glad to help.


Q: How much can I record onto a single DVD?

A: The maximum time we recommend recording onto a DVD is two hours. This is to ensure the optimum quality of the transfer. The DVD disc itself can hold up to six hours of video, however picture quality deteriorates as you fill up the disc. The exception to this is in the case of 3-hour VHS tapes, when we will record a third hour for an additional charge. We cannot promise that the quality will be as sharp, however, the original quality of the VHS format is comparatively poor and hence the loss in quality will not be as noticeable.

Q: How long will my transfers take?

A: This depends on how many tapes and how you have them transferred – online or through a dealer. If you order online then, depending where you live in the UK your transfers will take from three to five working days from receipt.  If you take your tapes into a dealer then, depending on your dealer’s location, your turn round will vary from four to ten working days.

We also offer a Rush Job service - if you really need your DVD's super quick call us and we can pick them up and turn them round in hours with our nationwide coverage. This does cost more but we can quote you on the spot! 


Q: I have bought a Mini DVD Camcorder and the Mini DVD Disc won't play on my DVD Player - can you help?

A: Many customers are having problems. Our technicians can transfer your MiniDVD disc which won't play on your DVD player and create a normal DVD which will. We can also do the same with DVD RAM discs.


Q: If I have all my old tapes transferred in one large order can I gain a discount?

A:  No – we believe our prices are the most competitive available.  If you do find an alternative service who claim to be cheaper we would be interested in hearing from you!

Q: Will DVDs from AFX Audio Visual Services Ltd play on my DVD Player?

A: Some customer's ask us whether it matters that their DVD player is DVD-R or DVD+R. Our DVD's play on both DVD-R and DVD+R because of the technology we use. 


Q: Can you transfer foreign formats like NTSC or SECAM?

A: All formats are the same around the world but the run times and recording signals on the tape are different. PAL is the system we use in the UK and most of Europe, whereas NTSC is the system used in the USA, Japan and Canada. We offer both PAL, including PAL SECAM, and NTSC transfers so that regardless of where you are going to watch your DVD we can make the DVD which will work where you are.

Q: Can I edit the DVD's on my PC or Mac? 

A: The standard DVD's we create are for playback only. However we can create special Data DVD's which you can use to edit your videos. We just need to know if you would like them to edit on a PC or a Mac. Because of the extra work and time involved these cost an additional fee. Feel free to order a FREE quote.


Q: What kind of material can you transfer?

A: AFX Audio Visual Services Ltd takes copyright very seriously – and will not knowingly violate copyright law. We do not accept copyrighted material unless accompanied by a signed waiver giving permission from the copyright owner. Similarly we do not transfer any material of an illegal nature.


Q: Can you transfer tapes to formats other than DVD?

A: Yes - we can transfer your tapes onto VHS tapes, Mini DV tapes and Data DVD's. 


Q: Will my Privacy be protected?

A: We respect your privacy and keep the contents of your material strictly confidential. Since our digital transfer process is largely automated, we do not view your videos in their entirety. Completed jobs are reviewed for quality control and your video would only be viewed in detail in case of technical issues. All information and data is wiped from our equipment once you have safely received your discs. We do not hold copies of your material, nor use it for any purpose without your prior written consent


Q: How do I pay?

A: If you order online you can pay AFX Audio Visual Services Ltd by credit or debit card. You can also pay by cheque payable ‘AFX Audio Visual Services Ltd Ltd’ to be collected by our courier along with your tapes. This facility requires pre-booking – please see our payment section for details. At AFX Audio Visual Services Ltd dealers you can pay by card, cheque or cash.


Q: How can I make sure my tapes are safe?

A: Like you, we value our precious memories. That’s why we offer free, secure ‘signed-for’ collection and delivery (subject to minimum spend) from your home or office.

Q: What if my tapes get lost?

A: AFX Audio Visual Services Ltd is proud of its outstanding record of security in this vital area of the our business. In the extremely unlikely event that a tape of yours is lost or damaged during the AFX Audio Visual Services Ltd process, our liability is limited to replacing your tapes with the equivalent new stock. If you consider that your tapes hold a higher value then we recommend that you arrange your own additional insurance before giving our couriers or dealers your tapes.


Q: How will I receive my DVD's?

A: Your DVDs will be presented in high quality super clear DVD cases, with attractive labels with your chosen title printed both on the front and the spines, as well as on the DVD disc itself.

Q: I can’t find the answer to my question – what can I do?

A: If you are unsure or would like more information on any aspect of our ordering or production process, from the types of tape we can transfer or how to work out our prices just email us, call us on 0871 200 4222 or visit us at our address. We look forward to being of service.

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